Hi everyone!

I’m posting this to give you some news about what going on. Gladly, the page 27 of Djandora is done and I’m working on the page 24.  I won’t post it yet because PetiteSymphony is in on reboot. The web designer, 3 authors (Ethan from Generation17, Drobvirk from Seed, Dylan from Lucy Comic) plus me, decide to create our own group as: ComicsBreak.com .   So PS is dead but we are pretty active right now underwater to prepare a new home. Of course, we hope to get a beta website to concider as home. Until then, I’ll keep producing page of Djandora, so when we get online, I can keep 2 pages per weeks. (Maybe 3, but only if  I’m really super far, but that would be a miracle).

Anyway, just telling you guys, we are alive, just need to be patient, I know I’ve been pushing everyone to wait and I keep asking more patience. I’ll keep everyone posted.